Energy Performance Surveys for the Cotswolds

Welcome to our web site and to what we hope will be a useful local resource, regarding saving money on your energy bills, which is what Energy Performance Certificates are really all about and the video opposite illustrates this, so please watch it as hopefully it will also put a smile on your face.

Before you read much more though, we guess you are here to find out about the costs for a Energy Performance Certificate for your property and these start from £50 depending on size and location of your property so please call but you will be pleased to know they are VAT free!

Our terms are - payment following the survey and prior to the certificate being delivered via email or post

Who we are

We have been involved in property for over 25 years as surveyors and developers and have been in the Cirencester area for most of that time. We are used and trusted by local estate agents, so you can feel confident that we have the right qualities to come into your home and offer professional and informed advice as part of our service.

We were surprised ourselves following the training and accreditation process how interesting the subject of energy saving is, so if you want to see how much money you could possible save and what new technologies can help, please read on and use the links on the site (some of which are attached to logo's) to help you.

How to save money on your energy bills

The EU's idea of implementing the EPC's is to educate people about energy saving in all properties and below are the major ways you can improve the performance of yours;

We would encourage you to learn more about the following subjects and think about implementing them, as we are sure you would like to save money and feel warmer? although please be aware the return on investment varies, so carefully consider the cost against the potential time you will be in the property before proceeding.

1. Insulation - Increasing the amount of insulation in your house is the cheapest and easiest way to save money and you have three elements to think about.
a. Your roof - A new house today has 300mm (1ft) of insulation and builders/developers generally fit a rock wool type products (the rolls of itchy stuff!) because they are cheap but you can get other natural materials see Natural Insulations or more common products like "Celotex" or "Tri Iso 9000", which would enable you to still use your roof for storage as if you squash insulation you loose the benefit as it is the trapped air that provides the insulation. Of course 300mm is the norm now but the more you over spec things the more benefit you will get but the Energy Trust can help you further on this.
b. Walls - Clearly you are limited with an existing house, so unless you have a major refurbishment project, insulating solid brick or stone walls is a non starter but cavity walls are different, as this can done quickly and cheaply and having done it ourselves and talked to many who have, we would strongly recommend you talk to the likes of Warm Front who may be able to provide a grant.
c. Floors - as above it is unlikely you could help in this area unless you were pulling up the old floor but the same products as for Roofs can be used.

2. Heating Systems - Traditionally houses are fitted with gas/oil or electric heating systems which are improving all the time, as the new condensing boilers prove ie many are 95%+ efficient! where- as some old boilers we see are 65% efficient, ie 30% more to run. but again more information can be found here BUT there are other ways of doing it and renewable systems offer 300% + efficiency! and if you are interested I suggest you make a visit to the Cotswold Efficient Energy Centre (see links page) which is 10 mins from Cirencester where you can see all these products working.

3. Lighting - Many people do not like the energy bulbs but they are improving all the time and LED lights (which can replace the typical down lighters) for instance are 85% cheaper to run so its worth taking a look at sites like Efficient Light.

4. Windows - The payback for double/triple glazed windows isn't as good as you would imagine but if you are looking to stay in a property for 10+ years it maybe worth looking at changing the current ones.

We hope this information was useful and we look forward to meeting you if you instruct us.

Kind regards

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